Imagine...every prisoner in SA partnering up with a church.....

Impossible?... Think again!

Found by Grace has instituted a movement to change the way offenders get our of jail and then are thrown back to the wolves, and we need YOUR help.

We hold in-church awareness programs at churches throughout South Africa to enlighten church members to the need of offenders coming out of prison. 

Most offenders come back to a life of rejection – their families, communities and society at large rejects them. They struggle to find accommodation, food and jobs. This mostly leads to them going back to crime and doing the same or even worse things that puts them back in jail.

The chain however gets broken when a church community steps in that creates an environment for an ex-offender to grow spiritually while working an honest job and earning an honest living. 

We help churches to create integration programs that facilitate offenders released from prison, to be integrated, loved and accepted into a church, counselled and helped to get jobs and start a new life.

Prisoners are one of the least reached people groups on earth. Most are forgotten & don't even get visitors. Upon release, rejection from society becomes unbearable. They return to crime & end up in jail again.

Church Partnership is a major key to change this

Our Service to your Church / 01

Proactively pairing every prisoner in SA with a Church

Right from inside prison we get the details of the offenders that are going to be released and prepare the helping church for their release. The church is equipped to handle the situation.

Our Service to your Church / 02

Setting up prisoner integration programs within Churches

As much as possible, we try to work with the churches that are already linked to the offender’s family members. If not, we locate surrogate families that will take care of, and mentor them from within the church. We then put accommodation and employment opportunities in place with the help of church members.

Our Service to your Church / 03

In-Church awareness programs

We come to your church by your invitation. We have a team that can come and address your congregation on the great work we are doing both inside and outside prisons. We are part of the world’s biggest prison ministries and can achieve great feats with your own, and your church’s help. As much as we need your help, you need us. Let us become part of your church’s prison ministry, which according to the Bible is a major service to the Lord that cannot be neglected. 

Have a Look and Join

Our Partnerships

The Church has been our partner from the beginning. 

We draw many volunteers who render our programs in Modderbee, Boksburg, Krugersdorp and soon, they will be in Leeukop Correctional Facility. We thank the Board of Hope Restoration Ministries, in particular, Rev SC Mathebula, Senior Pastor, for the support he always gives to the Prison Team. Ha khensa!!!

Maranatha Community Church played a major role in providing Volunteers. 

They have been active in Modderbee Correctional Centre for many years. Not only do they present our programs, they also run 24/7 prayer session in Section F. They have a full-time Pastor who is in that facility every day of the week to manage the activities of the Church called, Christ The Only Hope Church, inside Modderbee.

Through the Leadership of Apostle Sono, The Church has been key to our released inmates.

The Church has been one of those who accommodated inmates released from Boksburg Correctional Centre. They also hold Church services on some Saturdays inside Boksburg Correctional Centre.

Bishop Shawn Mofokeng is a very important partner in Frankfort.

He renders both Sycamore Tree Project and The Prisoners Journey Programs in Frankfort Correctional Center. His presence in that Centre is evident through absence of inmate fights and gangsterism. The Church offers victim support in the township of Namahadi.

Care Bible Church is our strategic partner. The founder and Visionery, Pastor P. Moitse is one of our Board members. 

They are involved in Prison Ministry at Johannesburg Correctional Centre where they sometimes hold Church services. Volunteers from the Church are going to be trained as facilitators of our programs to be rendered in that Correctional Center.

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Core Values

At Prison Fellowship South Africa our five Core Values are more than just words. They’re our way of life.

We understand that organizations with clearly defined values—intentionally implemented in the culture—help us act with a higher purpose. As we grow, we strive to continually develop a culture that serves you well, as you help us fulfill our vision to break the cycle of crime and restore lives, worldwide, through Jesus’s love.

We Are Authentic

We mean what we say and prove it through our actions.

  • We are truthful. There is no separation between what we say and how we act.
  • We are reliable. We do what we say we will do.
  • We are direct without being offensive, striving to have constructive disagreements that lead to productive outcomes.

We Are Growing

A growth mindset drives our team to remain effective and relevant.

  • We are lifelong learners who own, build, and grow our capabilities.
  • We value humility and welcome new ways of thinking, working, and creating.
  • We grow from our mistakes and demonstrate kindness and forgiveness.

We Value Relationship

People are the heart of our work.

  • We believe people are more important than projects and we respect and care for those around us.
  • We are team players and help each other.
  • We value collaboration, togetherness, and unity in Jesus Christ.
  • We respect the diversity of Christian traditions, history, and culture.
  • We celebrate international context and character and seek to strengthen regional and global cooperation that is grounded in independent and indigenous leadership with common vision and purpose.

We Are Proactive

We turn vision and passion into action.

  • We value work expressed as service to other and are committed to develop and implementing culturally relevant programs and services that demonstrate respect, dignity, and the worth of people as those created and loved by God.
  • We aren’t just dreamers, we’re doers. We turn our vision and passion into action.
  • We are confident in our abilities to have the courage to take risks.
  • We see problems as opportunities and act quickly to identify solutions.

We Are Accountable

Without accountability, values hold no meaning.

  • We take ownership of our work and life balance to stay happy, healthy, and effective.
  • We strive for excellence; we hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards and live as people ready to account for how we steward our gifts.
  • We embrace the core values of Prison Fellowship International and recognize them in action.