Why after-care is very important

After-care a critical part of the road to wholeness

Executive Director Chris Denga will represent the Found by Grace fraternity at the funeral of an ex-inmate in Pietermaritzburg this weekend 23 July 2022.

Tradegy hit when Emmanuel Sydney Donnelly took his life last Saturday after his release from prison in 2020. He was the leader of the Church inside Pietermaritzburg Corrections Centre. One of the 12 leaders we trained to facilitate both the Sycamore Tree Project and The Prisoner’s Journey. 

Now we see the importance of prisoner after-care to those who left the hard life imposed on someone in prison. Many prisoners find it so difficult to adjust to life outside of prison when they re-enter society and feel so rejected and dejected and worthless that they do not see the point in living anymore.

This is indeed tragic to know that we have so many churches all around us yet still see people not being able to integrate in their local societies. And this is what Found by Grace wants to do – we want local Churches to get involved with after-care of offenders that come out of prison. It is the ideal time to touch a broken life and make someone feel loved and cherished again. Please sign up your Church if you want to join the Godly project of Found by Grace Prison Fellowship.

Found by Grace extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the deceased in this difficult time.

Luke 17:3  Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

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Core Values

At Prison Fellowship South Africa our five Core Values are more than just words. They’re our way of life.

We understand that organizations with clearly defined values—intentionally implemented in the culture—help us act with a higher purpose. As we grow, we strive to continually develop a culture that serves you well, as you help us fulfill our vision to break the cycle of crime and restore lives, worldwide, through Jesus’s love.

We Are Authentic

We mean what we say and prove it through our actions.

  • We are truthful. There is no separation between what we say and how we act.
  • We are reliable. We do what we say we will do.
  • We are direct without being offensive, striving to have constructive disagreements that lead to productive outcomes.

We Are Growing

A growth mindset drives our team to remain effective and relevant.

  • We are lifelong learners who own, build, and grow our capabilities.
  • We value humility and welcome new ways of thinking, working, and creating.
  • We grow from our mistakes and demonstrate kindness and forgiveness.

We Value Relationship

People are the heart of our work.

  • We believe people are more important than projects and we respect and care for those around us.
  • We are team players and help each other.
  • We value collaboration, togetherness, and unity in Jesus Christ.
  • We respect the diversity of Christian traditions, history, and culture.
  • We celebrate international context and character and seek to strengthen regional and global cooperation that is grounded in independent and indigenous leadership with common vision and purpose.

We Are Proactive

We turn vision and passion into action.

  • We value work expressed as service to other and are committed to develop and implementing culturally relevant programs and services that demonstrate respect, dignity, and the worth of people as those created and loved by God.
  • We aren’t just dreamers, we’re doers. We turn our vision and passion into action.
  • We are confident in our abilities to have the courage to take risks.
  • We see problems as opportunities and act quickly to identify solutions.

We Are Accountable

Without accountability, values hold no meaning.

  • We take ownership of our work and life balance to stay happy, healthy, and effective.
  • We strive for excellence; we hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards and live as people ready to account for how we steward our gifts.
  • We embrace the core values of Prison Fellowship International and recognize them in action.